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BlueMorph UVBlueMorph UV is an innovative use of cutting edge technology (ultraviolet light) designed to quickly and efficiently sanitize large tanks, eliminating the use of water, power and chemicals.

The BlueMorph UV light sanitizing unit reduces the cycle time for sanitization of tanks over the traditional water wash method. It also saves a great amount of time, labor and eliminates the need to use chemicals in the process.

Exposure to the UV light effectively kills mold and bacteria in the tank. The BlueMorph works by sliding a 40 pound UV light emitter panel through the door at the bottom of the tank and choosing a preprogrammed emission length based on the size of the tank to ensure a thorough sanitation.

Already in use at sustainability-focused winery Jackson Family Wines who was the first buyer of the water, energy, time & labor-saving innovation. Julien Gervreau, JFW’s Senior Sustainability Manager shared at the BlueMorph’s unveiling in September 2015:

"At Jackson Family Wines, we are always looking for ways to make our high quality wines with the smallest possible environmental footprint. Water conservation is a key initiative for us, and finding a technology like BlueMorph that achieves the highest level of tank sanitation without using a drop of water to do so is a major step forward for the industry."

Manufactured by Tom Beard Company, BlueMorph UV Prototype Test Mules are available for winery trails. Data from some of these trials can be found at www.bluemorphuv.com. The results are nothing but amazing. A BlueMorph UV unit is able to provide better sanitation than with chemicals and in a shorter duration.

Contact BlueMorph president Alex Farren to schedule a trial or with questions.

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Less time & labor • No need for chemicals!
Alex Farren, president and CEO of BlueMorph UV developed the concept and technology and partnered with the Tom Beard Company to create the new UV Light Tank sanitizing machine.

A rugged, cellar worthy, beautiful machine that delivers an efficient and long-lasting solution.

For more information: www.bluemorphuv.com

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