Tom Beard Services

The Tom Beard Company offers complete equipment installation, scheduled maintenance services and emergency repair services. We are licensed contractors in California (#803431), Washington (#PLSPELS923BZ), and Oregon (#180330). Our experienced installation and service team has the skills and ability to get things set-up or back up and running. We schedule equipment installation around your schedule and requirements to minimize any disruption to your operations.

We offer maintenance and repair service for all Tom Beard products as well as ozone generator machine repairs for most major brands. We can provide these services either at our Santa Rosa California facility or at your location with our field service technicians. Our trained technicians will have your equipment returned to service and working like new.

Call 707-573-3150 or email tbsales@tombeard.com to schedule service now!

If you need us and we can help, we will be there!

Tom Beard Services

The Diamond Guarantee Service™ Agreement simply works like this: barrel washer

Your machine will be comprehensively inspected, tested, serviced and all regular wear items replaced for maximum serviceability and efficiency.

The machine will then receive a 1-year warranty from time of service against failures relating to the service and will have top priority for any repairs. If any of the wear items that were replaced fail, they will be replaced free of charge for that 1-year period.

It is that simple, one price, one year, no problems, Diamond Guarantee Service™ with propriety response for repairs.

The Diamond Guarantee Service™ Agreement provides the peace of mind of knowing your Tom Beard Barrel Washer will perform flawlessly all season and be properly maintained for the long run.

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