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These machines were designed specifically for use in caves, where forklift access is prohibited and space is at a premium.  They are easily loaded by hand and have all of the cleaning capacity of our other units. Like the other models these units also were designed to deliver excellent cleaning results, minimize water utilization, minimize waste water generation, and provide ease of maintenance.

  • Standard Features
  • Optional Features
  • Custom Design
TBC2 Standard Features
TBC Barrel Washing Machines have been reliably in service worldwide since 1983. All TBC products come with a full one year warranty and are backed with our dedicated service and parts support system.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Intergral Roller Assembly for easy bunghole alignment.
  • Programmable to minimize water consumption and maximize cleaning efficiency.
  • Certified NEMA 4X Electrical Components.
  • Ozone capable and compatible.
  • Portable

Proudly built in the U.S.A

TBC2 Optional Features
  • Lees Recovery System
  • 2+2 Nesting Fixture for using two TBC2 to wash
    with 4 barrel racks
TBC Custom Tom Beard Company - Custom Design
The Design Team at Tom Beard Company has been setting the standard for barrel cleaning and sanitation for over 35 years. If you have a requirement that can not be met by our stock machines, we can probably design a solution that will work well for you.
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