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Models TBC2CL and TBC4CL are complete Barrel Processing Systems designed to handle barrels while they are still on the racks. TBC offers barrel processing systems that will accommodate both 2 & 4 barrel racks. The design of the system is modular and consists of conveyor sections that house washers, rollers, and lees recovery elements. Overhead structures carry emptying and filling arrays which automatically transfer wine to and from the barrels. These structures easily convert to mixing stations for stirring lees in fermenting barrels. The modular design allows the system to be tailored to the exact production requirements of each cellar. These systems can range from small and simple, to large and complex, depending on the functionality required, and the space available.

  • TBC System Advantage
  • Custom Design

TBC2CL & TBC4CL Advantage
The advantages to having the TBC system are many. Processing all barrels in one location reduces fork lift activity, minimizes labor, and vastly increases production speed. Supervision is simplified, exposure to injury is reduced, and sanitation is controlled. A substantial benefit to installing a TBC system is that production floor space in significantly reduced from traditional production areas. Former production area can be converted to additional storage space without incurring additional construction costs.

TBC systems are in operation worldwide and have proven themselves to be an elegant solution to an age old problem.

Proudly built in the U.S.A

TBC Custom Tom Beard Company - Custom Design
The Design Team at Tom Beard Company has been setting the standard for barrel cleaning and sanitation for over 35 years. If you have a requirement that can not be met by our stock machines, we can probably design a solution that will work well for you.
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