TBC Half Ton Bin Washer

Receives the bin from the forklift, inverts it, washes all surfaces with high pressure water, turns the bin back upright, and stacks bins 3 high for return to the field. Recycling of wash water is an option, as well as accumulation and transfer of stacked bins. More..

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Mavrik North America Partners with P&L Specialties to Expand Wine Filtration Equipment Offerings

Green BusinessFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Santa Rosa, CA - March 13, 2024 P&L Specialties and Mavrik North America are pleased to announce a strategic agreement that enables P&L to fabricate and service Mavrik's widely praised specialty filtration technologies. This partnership will empower P&L Specialties to manufacture and train on Mavrik North America's distinctive designs for wine filtration equipment.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies, combining Mavrik North America's innovative technology with P&L Specialties' proven expertise in manufacturing and servicing high-quality equipment. The agreement allows P&L Specialties exclusive rights to produce, distribute and maintain Mavrik North America's specialized wine filtration equipment, ensuring broader access and enhanced service capabilities for customers.

Mavrik NA Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration Systems are a crucial element of production as they ensure the stability and quality of your product. Popular with winemakers for removing volatile acids and ethyl acetate, smoke taint, brett and dekkera, pyrazines, sulfides, and alcohol as well as legally concentrating wine; the Mavrik Units will continue to perform these functions selectively without collateral damage to the wine.

"We are thrilled to join forces with P&L Specialties," said Bob Kreisher, President at Mavrik North America. "This collaboration enables us to leverage their manufacturing excellence and service proficiency to expand the reach of our innovative wine filtration solutions. Together, we are committed to delivering unparalleled quality and support to our customers."

Under this agreement, P&L Specialties has undergone rigorous training to uphold Mavrik North America's stringent standards in manufacturing and support. This ensures that customers can trust in the same level of quality and reliability they have come to expect from Mavrik North America's products.

"We are excited about the opportunity to work with Mavrik," commented Ed Barr, President of P&L Specialties. "Their unique designs for wine filtration equipment are at the forefront of industry innovation, and we are confident that our manufacturing capabilities and commitment to service excellence will contribute to continued success."

The collaboration promises to bring enhanced efficiency and effectiveness to wineries and beverage producers, providing them access to state-of-the-art wine filtration solutions with the backing of P&L Specialties' extensive support network.

For further information on Mavrik North America's wine filtration equipment and the partnership with P&L Specialties, contact grapecraft@gmail.com for a customized solution and quote for your wine’s particular needs.

About Mavrik North America:

Mavrik North America is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the wine filtration equipment industry since 2007. Committed to excellence, Mavrik North America's unique designs enhance the quality and efficiency of wine production processes.

About P&L Specialties:

P&L Specialties is a reputable manufacturing and service provider with a focus on delivering high-quality equipment solutions. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, P&L Specialties brings decades of experience to the partnership, ensuring top-notch manufacturing and service for Mavrik North America's wine filtration equipment.

MAVRIK VA Reduction is the proven option and ideal solution for eliminating the loss of volatile esters due to high pressure.

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